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The foremost Kriya Yoga course in Ireland

Atma Kriya Yoga is a full yogic and meditation system available throughout Ireland. The techniques help us to realise and connect with our true Self – Eternal unconditional love and bliss. Atma Kriya Yoga comes from the ancient Kriya Yoga tradition of the great immortal Himalayan Master Mahavatar Babaji. Each technique cultivates a different experience of love and awakens the divine Atma which is deep inside all of us, the highest state of yoga.

Learn Kriya with advanced onlin yoga course in Ireland

A Full Yogic System
A powerful combination of techniques that connect you to the source of life within.

Advanced Meditation course in Ireland

All about Divine Love
Grow in love with others and mother earth by awakening a Divine Love relationship.

Learn Kriya with ongoing yoga teacher support in Ireland

Ongoing Support
Learn Kriya Yoga with us and access lifetime support and weekly group practices.

Kriya Yoga Class Ireland

Learn Kriya Yoga with us

Learn Kriya Yoga with Bhakti Marga Ireland to tap into the deep reservoirs of inner peace and self-awareness waiting to be discovered. Kriya Yoga is a spiritual practice with roots dating back thousands of years, offering profound benefits for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When taught by experienced teachers such as those at Bhakti Marga Ireland, it can become a transformative force in your life. The practice can help you achieve inner harmony, enhance concentration, manage stress, and improve overall health. Additionally, Kriya Yoga encourages spiritual development and self-realisation, which creates a life full of love and an enlightened state of consciousness.

A catalyst for

Positive Transformation

Atma Kriya Yoga supports you to easily…

Awaken to your unique, loving relationship with the Divine.

Boost your immune system and enhance your physical vitality.

Raise your consciousness and burn karma with every breath.

Increases positivity, allowing more Divine light to shine.

Clear the way for a life of vibrance and purpose.

Connect to the source of life within your very own being!

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The full Atma Kriya Yoga course is taught over 10 weekly classes and here’s what you will learn:

Japa: Reciting a mantra that will attune your whole being to its powerful vibration and allows divine qualities to awaken.

Meditation techniques: Concentration and focus helps you bring self-awareness into your daily actions so you can transcend the challenges of life.

Sound Yoga: Listening to the symphony of inner mystical sounds emanating from your heart chakra and strengthens your intuition.

OM Chanting: Group chanting that generates harmony and inner-peace for yourself, others and your local environment.

Pranayama: Observing and controlling your breath promotes physical and energetic balance in the body.

Asanas: Five physical yogic postures support your meditation practice, boost your immune system and enhance your physical vitality.

Mudras: Body and finger postures that increase your body’s energy and assists you in reaching your spiritual destination.

Main Kriya: This chakra meditation raises consciousness, unites body and soul, and burns one spiritual year of karma with every breath.

Protective Shield: Elevating the vibration of your energy centres protects you from negativity and allows more divine light to shine through.

Shaktipat Initiation: The course culminates in a beautiful one-on-one initiation where the grace and blessing of all the kriya-yoga masters is given. It is the energy of an ancient yoga tradition being handed over to the Kriya Yogi. The Shaktipat guarantees the success of the techniques and allows the student to make swift progress in the techniques and a safe Kundalini awakening.

How does Atma Kriya Yoga compare with other yoga systems?

Free introductory Kriya Yoga class

During this free introductory class we will explain more about the techniques, answer your questions and even teach you one kriya absolutely free! If you feel a connection with the practice and its philosophy, then we would love you to join one of our full forthcoming Atma Kriya Yoga courses.

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