Kundalini energy is a sublime life-force found in the human body and often associated with a Kundalini awakening or a Kundalini experiences. It is the source of human creative power and is divine feminine energy. But you may ask – how do we awaken this energy? Well, traditionally through yoga practice. Practising yoga has been used for centuries as a tool to expand human consciousness to reach a state of Self-Realisation. Self-Realisation is a state of consciousness that allows the practitioner to see they are the Atma, the eternal soul within. Read more on this Wiki.

What is a Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini pulls the energy from the base chakra towards the crown chakra at the top of the skull. This energy normally lies dormant in an individual but can awaken on its own, but this type of spontaneous occurrence is rare. This movement of sacred energy flows upward via the spinal column towards our head. Moving like a serpent, it creates an upward flow of energy that balances our chakras and inturn, energies our subtle body.

A Kundalini awakening is an experience of profound grace poured onto the practitioner from the divine. It alters our understanding of ourselves, the universe and God. After an awakening, it is possible to delve into dimensions of your consciousness that you had never had access to before. This experience will fundamentally alter how you look at what it means to be human and your relationship in the world and yourself.

What are the effects on us?

It is also a humbling experience because after an awakening, you recognise how deep your karma runs and how much unconscious influential material resides in the body. When you confront emotional patterns and beliefs that you cannot seem to uproot, pause and consider that they may very well be vestiges of a distant past life, housed in a back room deep within you.

The inner work of healing ourselves can be daunting, slow, and demanding. You might even feel like you’re not making progress after months of yoga practice or you’re beyond repair. Keep going; keep clearing the karmic debris from the past. With sufficient discipline,patience and effort, one day you may be able to properly open up those stores of energy known as chakras and release the past once and for all.

Is a Kundalini awakening safe?

A kundalini awakening is often thought of as a fast track to enlightenment or God-realisation. However, other techniques can also bring this divine energy to the surface, slowly and steadily. For a kundalini awakening to happen, you must allow sufficient time. It should never be forced because this can cause issues for the practitioner. A safe and steady awakening could be described like a princess getting out of bed – the process would be gracious, slow and full of splendour.

Many people who have forced their kundalini to awaken before they have completed sufficient preparation, have made themselves ill. Practitioners should have completed several months, if not years of energetic cleansing work beforehand they work with this energy.

How to get started working with your Kundalini?

In Bhakti Marga, we run various yoga and meditation courses. One of the courses we teach is Atma Kriya Yoga which is a complete spiritual practice that includes, asana, mudra, pranayama, meditation and mantra. This course is designed to clean the energetic body and release Kundalini. In this system the Kundalini is awakened slowly and steadily and ultimately leads to a divine love relationship between the individual and God. If you want to find out more, perhaps sign up to our free online Atma Kriya Yoga class.

We wish you all the best in your journey to enlightenment and kundalini awakening. May the Divine Mother bless you, energise your chakras and lead you to a state of divine consciousness.