Bhakti Marga encourages us to direct our natural desire for sensory pleasure into the service of the Divine. Creatively capturing the Divine in colour, music, and movement allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of divine beauty.

‘To those who are constantly engaged with Me, and who worship Me with intense Love, I give them the realisation by which they can come to Me.’
Bhagavad Gita


Our experiences are influenced by our senses. Uncontrolled, they can turn us into a slave for worldly pleasures. Channelling the senses toward the Divine allows us to attain the highest happiness and loving communion with the Divine.

Living bhakti through devotional arts lets you express your true being and enjoy the splendour of your relationship. Art manifests divine beauty.

Be it music, singing, painting, dancing or acting, with the right attitude – with love and devotion – you can turn your favourite activities into offering to the Divine.


When we sing and dance, not for our own pleasure but for the pleasure of our Beloved, the mundane transforms into the Divine. As the purity of love begins to flow, thinking stops, and only being remains. Nothing else exists except you and your Beloved.

Like a serenaded lover, the Divine responds when you sing their name from your heart. Fortunately, the response from the Divine has little to do with the quality of your voice! – all that matters is the sincerity of your calling. 


Meditation is a supreme state of focus that engages our whole being. Allowing ourselves to get totally absorbed with drawing or colouring a Divine form captivates the senses, pulling them away from the world to focus on the Divine.

When the subject of your art is a Divine form, the Lord holds your attention and draws you closer to Him. This connection deepens even more when you work on a piece over time, or work with the same form over and over again. The more time you spend focusing on an image of the Divine, the easier it is to visualise during meditation. 


Bhakti Marga devotees are encouraged to create and perform theatre plays. Many famous Hindu stories, lives of saints and deep spiritual truths are woven into all productions. This selected video tells to story of the saint Pundalik who was able to transform himself from sinner to saint.

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