Yagna and kirtan session in Drogheda

Yagna in Ireland

Saturday 25th February

Yagna & Satsang 2.00pm-6.00pm

You are invited to a unique day of spiritual activities, food and community fun. We are excited to welcome Swami Anashuya for a second time to Ireland. He will be performing an ancient vedic ceremony called a yagna. Yagna is a Sanskrit word meaning “worship,” “sacrifice” or “offering.”

The benefits of a yagna are manifold: peace, prosperity, happiness, good health and longevity, progeny, courage, enthusiasm, spiritual cultivation and so on. The chanting of mantras during the Yagna generates a positive vibration. But there are more benefits from the Yagna….

Generates mental peace

Yagna works to provide you mental peace. It reduces your stress and calms your mind. The body and mind are purified by the smoke emanating from the Yagna. This gives mental peace to those participating.

Purifies the Air

The Yagna eliminates the dangerous bacteria present in the environment. Various types of materials and items are used in the Yagna which work to purify pesticides, airboard chemicals and radio / microwaves in the air.

Remove negativity

Yagna removes negativity and infuses positive energy in the house, the people and the local environment. This also purifies the environment of the house and gives it an energetic boost.

Swamiji will also give a talk called a Satsang.

Vegetarian dinner served from 6.00pm-7.00pm

Kirtan workshop with Sujatha 7.00pm-9.00pm

Sujatha Kirtan Singer

Sujatha will lead a Kirtan session and music workshop during the evening. Sujatha is a talented Bhakti Marga musician and singer from Poland currently based in the UK. She is flying into Ireland facilitate this workshop to enrich our knowledge and practical skills of Kirtan. Schedule:

7-8pm Group Kirtan with Sujatha and Swami Anashuya.

8-9pm Sujatha will give a Kirtan workshop to those who want to learn to play and sing Kirtan.



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