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Level: Beginner / Delivered: Online

In Bhakti Marga, we love Sanskrit chanting. The Vedic chants we use are ancient Sanskrit hymns that praise the Divine and are statements of positive intention for ourselves and the world around us. Our prayer book is full of simple, beautiful and powerful chants that are easy to learn and effortless to integrate into daily life.

In this 60 minute online Zoom session, we will teach you a small section of our prayers to create abundance, remove negativity and help you progress on your spiritual path. Our experienced teacher will guide you through the steps of correct pronunciation, vocal pitch and rhythm to maximise the benefits from the Sanskrit chants. We will craft a simple schedule for you to chant when you have free time and we promise that you will start to feel a positive impact in your life in just a few days.

What is so special about Sanskrit chanting?

Chanting in Sanskrit helps to release beneficial endorphins which balances energy and it boosts the natural metabolic processes of the body. Regular chanting can lower blood pressure, normalise heart rate, harmonise brain wave patterns, adrenalin levels and can even reduce high cholesterol.

The vibrating sounds of the Sanskrit chants bring calmness to an otherwise busy mind, reducing the hormones that cause stress such as cortisol. Regular chanting of Sanskrit mantras, combined with an understanding of their meanings, can help bring about a sense of inner peace that is essential for developing love and compassion for yourself, humanity and Mother Earth.

What are the benefits of Sanskrit chanting?

  • Better physical health 
  • Reduced stress & anxiety 
  • Improved concentration
  • Feelings of love & compassion

What about the Divine?

Although we have listed some of the physical and mental benefits of chanting Sanskrit, there are also many spiritual benefits as well. Sanskrit is a refined vibrational language to communicate with the inner Atma (soul) and God. We chant pre-written hymns that were compiled by the ancient Rishis of Vedic times that give very positive spiritual results if we recite them with love and dedication.

Once you have mastered a few simple chants in this class, we are sure you will want to continue your journey and deepen your knowledge of Sanskrit with us. That is why we offer other intermediate Sanskrit chanting classes such as the Vishnu Sahasranamam, Bhagavad Gita, Shri Sukam and Narayana Suktam. To book on this introductory class or make an enquiry about an intermediate course listed above, complete the form below.

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