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Puja Course in Ireland

We are delighted to invite you to deepen your understanding and experience of Hindu rituals and worship with our range of Puja courses in Ireland. In Bhakti Marga we offer a variety of courses, from Simple Puja to Abhishekam and Yagna, each one designed to connect you more deeply with the divine, to instil peace, and to promote spiritual growth.

Understanding Puja

Puja is a sacred practice in Hinduism, a form of worship dedicated to the divine. It is an opportunity for individuals to express their love and devotion, to show gratitude, and to seek blessings and guidance from the deities. This intricate act of reverence involves rituals, prayers, and offerings, fostering a profound connection between the devotee and the divine.

Our Puja courses in Ireland

Simple Puja Course – Price €55: Our Simple Puja Course is designed for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of Puja. We guide you through the fundamentals, the necessary materials, and the step-by-step procedures of conducting a Puja.

Kalash puja course
Puja courses in Ireland

Abhishekam Course – Price €80: This course provides in-depth understanding and practice of Abhishekam, a special kind of Puja that involves the ritual bathing of deities. Abhishekam is a powerful ceremony that purifies and revitalises the worshipper, the environment, and the community.

Shiva Lingum Puja
Prasad food for puja course in Ireland
Abhishekam Course for Krishna

Yagna Course – Price €80: Yagna, also known as a fire sacrifice, is a complex Vedic ritual aimed at the spiritual upliftment of the individual and society. Our Yagna course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to perform this transformative practice.

Yagna Kund in Ireland
Yagna fire ceremony

The benefits of performing Puja at your home

Performing Puja in the tranquility of your own home provides numerous benefits. It creates an atmosphere of peace and positivity, strengthens family relationships and infuses daily life with a sense of spiritual purpose. The regular practice of Puja at home also encourages discipline, focus, and an increased awareness of the divine in everyday activities.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, a deeper spiritual understanding, or simply a greater sense of tranquility and purpose in your life, these courses are open to everyone, regardless of prior experience or knowledge.

Our courses can be taught either online or in person, offering flexibility to suit your learning preferences and circumstances.

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Embrace the path of devotion. Enrich your spiritual journey with Bhakti Marga Ireland’s Hindu Puja courses. We look forward to working with you.

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