When people start their meditation/ manta chanting practice, they often report that while doing meditation instead of becoming focus and concentrated, their mind starts racing with random and abrupt thoughts. Due to this, many people lose interest in meditation as they see no point in continuing practice. This article explains the reason and effects of why this happens and how to tackle this issue.

What is Mantra meditation? Mantra meditation is a process in which a person is asked to chant one mantra repeatedly for 15-20 minutes daily while trying to keep the focus on Mantra. Mantra chanting is supposed to be increasing your focus, attention, concentration and decrease thoughts, agitation, anxiety etc.

Our brain is a store house of thoughts and memories. And just like heart, brain also functions continuously 24*7 creating thoughts and memories. Everything we see, experience, and observe in our daily life becomes a memory and gets stored in the brain for years and years since our birth. Few memories which are important (good or bad) and had greater impact in our life stay in the conscious brain and all the unimportant memories created in day-to-day life which are of no use, gets stored in the subconscious mind but hardly gets lost. Over the years due to constant memory storage, our subconscious mind gets cluttered with unimportant and useless thoughts without our knowledge.

When a person starts Mantra meditation, this mantra acts as a tool which goes to subconscious level of mind where all memories are present and starts churning all those memories at a deeper level. Mantras are very powerful and help our mind to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts stored over years which we are practically unaware of. The thoughts stored at deeper layers of subconscious mind starts to stir with chanting and start to move from sub conscious to conscious mind and thus people start reminding old, unrelated, non-contextual and random thoughts and memories while doing meditation.

This is completely normal phase of meditation and is reported by various users that they get reminded of memories as old as 25-30 years ago (as per their age since birth). The process of meditation is reviving all those unimportant thoughts so that they can be brought to first – a conscious level and then released out from the conscious memory which will eventually cleanse mind of all unwanted thoughts.

When this happens, the meditator should simply continue to practice chanting, observe those thoughts as they come with no reaction, and then let them pass as it gets released. Being a silent observer of these thoughts as they come, not giving any emotional reaction will help them release in the universe and it will cleanse your mind and brain.

Please note that no important and happy life events memories are released during meditation, and it has no adverse effect on brain functioning and memory power in any way. Eventually with regular practice, over time all unwanted thoughts get released and person starts feeling relaxed, more focused, more able to control their thoughts and it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

As the time passes and the meditator continues with meditation, these random thoughts comes less and less and they are able to remain more focused on mantra chanting during meditation.

Guest post by: Kirti Katariya