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Simple Puja course – North Dublin

September 30 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Simple puja course Dublin

Delve into the ancient and spiritual world of Puja – an age-old Hindu ritual, a bridge between humanity and the Divine. On this special Saturday, join us for an enlightening course that not only teaches the steps of performing Puja but also journeys through its rich history and significance.

History of Puja

Puja, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pūjā’, is a form of worship that has been deeply embedded in the Indian culture for millennia. Rooted in Vedic traditions, it’s a way for devotees to show reverence to deities and the Supreme Being. Over time, as traditions merged and evolved, Puja became an integral part of daily life, marking moments of gratitude, asking for blessings, or simply forging a connection with the cosmos.

Puja at home

While Pujas are normally performed in temples, there’s a long-standing tradition of performing them at home too. Home-based Pujas allow individuals to create a sacred space in their living space, turning it into a haven of spiritual energy. Many believe that regularly conducting Puja at home purifies the atmosphere, bringing peace and prosperity to all inhabitants.

Benefits of performing puja

  1. Spiritual Growth: Engaging in Puja helps deepen one’s spiritual journey, promoting inner peace and a stronger connection to the Divine.
  2. Mental Well-being: The act of Puja serves as a form of meditation. It calms the mind, reduces stress, and cultivates a sense of mindfulness.
  3. Cultural Connection: For many, Puja is a link to their heritage. It offers a chance to pass down traditions, stories, and values to younger generations.
  4. Fostering Positive Energy: Puja rituals often involve the use of specific herbs, incense, and mantras which are believed to cleanse the environment, promoting positivity and warding off negativity.
  5. Community Bonding: Communal Pujas bring families and communities together, reinforcing bonds and creating shared memories.

Simple Puja Course – Price €50: Our Simple Puja Course is designed for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of Puja. We guide you through the fundamentals, give you a manual to follow and the step-by-step procedures of conducting a Puja.

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September 30
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Pilates Club
2 Winton House, Dublin Road Swords,
Dublin, County Dublin K67 KW54 Ireland
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