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Welcome to Bhakti Marga Ireland, the home of enriching Kirtan lessons in Dublin. Delve into the magical world of spiritual music and mantras with our introductory level Kirtan course.

About our Kirtan lessons in Dublin

We run afternoon workshops that includes the basics of music theory, singing and rhythm. After 3 months, you should be able to independently play at least 10 Kirtan compositions on an instrument of your choice. The course covers a wide range of musical concepts, scales, chords and tip for improving your singing technique. By the end of this short sprint, you will be well-equipped to play at least ten songs and play as part of a group.

Instruments we support

We offer lessons on a variety of traditional musical instruments including the harmonium, kartel, mridangam drum, and the universally popular guitar. No matter your instrument of choice, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Harmonium lessons
Kirtan lessons for guitar

Benefits of learning kirtan

Learning to play Kirtan offers many benefits for both your mind and soul:

  • Spiritual devlopment: Kirtan is a beautiful way to express devotion and connect with the divine. It’s a form of Bhakti yoga that can be a transformative practice leading to spiritual growth and self-realisation.
  • Reduce stress: The repetitive chanting and deep focus required in Kirtan have been known to create a calming effect, reducing stress and inducing tranquility.
  • Improved musical skills: By learning the basics of music theory and chords, you can enhance your overall musical abilities and apply them to other areas of musical interest.
  • Community connection: Kirtan lessons open up opportunities to become part of a supportive and like-minded community, enhancing your sense of belonging.
Dublin Kirtan lessons for percussion
Singing lessons for Bhajan

Lessons and pricing

Kirtan workshops are priced between €40 depending on the location. We tend to keep the group size 8 people or below so the instructor is able to give people one-two-one attention. Each student will get a chance to lead a song and try out all instruments during the workshop.

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